Spiritual Life

spiritualEvangel doesn’t just hold a tradition based on Christian principles. The university’s commitment to spiritual development is living and breathing, as evidenced by the thriving environment on campus. The community of believers at Evangel encourages students to sharpen their beliefs by living and worshiping with others. Besides weekly Chapel services, Evangel offers a variety of special activities and events, including Missions Week and Spiritual Emphasis Week. The culture at Evangel helps strengthen the faith and spirituality of our students, faculty and staff and solidifies Evangel as a premier Christian school full of like-minded, dedicated believers.


The entire campus meets three times a week for Chapel services with music, worship and learning. Speakers from around the world address students weekly on topics ranging from ministry to social justice.

Along with regular chapel services, there are special focuses like Missions Week, Spiritual Emphasis Week and department specific chapels offered throughout each semester.

Evangel Chapel


There are always opportunities to get involved in discipleship at Evangel, either in residence halls, campus offices or in the community. From hall devotional groups to hall chapels, the individuals placed around students strive to encourage them and bring about a deepening Christian belief.

Evangel Discipleship


Evangel believes that following Christ means putting your faith into action. There are several student ministries that offer programs to match your interests and spiritual gifts. While reaching out to the campus, community and world, students use their gifts to minister to others.

Some ministry outlets on campus include: drama, children’s ministries, residence hall devotions, street witnessing, Day of Hope, missions trips, and more.

Evangel Ministry

Faith & Learning

Students develop their worldview through the framework of a Christian, liberal arts education and prepare for their professions as integrated thinkers. Evangel encourages and strengthens this integrated thinking through its promotion of faith and learning.

Evangel’s offers a distinctive core curriculum. Global Connections is an exploratory credit option that allows students to look beyond their own culture. These programs are in place to develop students beyond the narrow focus of their major.

Evangel Faith & Learning


Evangel offers a variety of off-campus opportunities for those looking to serve the Lord in a foreign setting. Trips are determined each year and student groups, faculty and staff team up to venture out during academic breaks.

Evangel service trips